iPhone Email Setup

With our step-by-step guide, setting up your iPhone Email with Skynet Solutions Email Hosting is quick and easy. Follow the steps below to begin receiving email to your iPhone device.

1. Go to settings > Passwords & Accounts
2. Choose Add Account
3. Choose Other
4. Choose Add Mail Account
5. Enter your Name, Email address, Email Password, and a description, which will be the title of the newly created email account on your phone.
6. Make sure IMAP is selected, and tap on the account email

Incoming Server:
7. Host name = mail.skynet-solutions.net
8. Username = your full email address
9. Password = your email account password

Outgoing Server (SMTP):
10. Tap the SMTP Outgoing mail server option and set the Primary server as mail.skynet-solutions.net. Set the server switch to “On” and set the following next items:

11. Host name = mail.skynet-solutions.net
12. Username = your full email address
13. Password = your email account password
14. Tap next

The iPhone will attempt to establish an SSL connection to your IMAP and SMTP servers. If this succeeds, you will be done and can proceed to the next step. If this fails, you will see the prompt, “Do you want to try setting up the account without SSL?” In that event, tap No, tap Save and when prompted, “This account may not be able to send or receive emails” Tap Save again.

15. Select the account you just added (identified by your email address)
16. Scroll down and tap the SMTP button
17. Select the server you just added (should be the primary server at the top)
18. Use SSL = OFF (set toggle to off position)
19. Select Password for Authentication
20. Select 587 for Server Port
21. Go back to your Account screen by selecting option at top left of screen
22. Scroll to bottom of Account screen and enter the Advanced section

Scroll down to the Incoming Settings

23. Use SSL = OFF (set toggle to off position)
24. Authentication = Password
25 Server Port = 143

Back out of the app and try sending a test email to verify operation.