WordPress Maintenance

WordPress is the #1 CMS used worldwide and, as software, it regularly needs to be updated to ensure it continues to function properly. Each new WordPress Maintenance update comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. While updating your website to the newest version can help protect you from security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers, an improper update could lead to plugin problems or, even worse, completely crash your website.

Business Plus

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99 Monthly
  • Web Hosting
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  • Monthly Updates

per month

$ 125
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  • Single Procedure
  • Once a month
  • Single Domain

per quarter

$ 325
00 Quarterly
  • Three Procedures
  • Once a month
  • Single Domain

What to consider when performing routine WordPress Maintenance

As a small business, security should be your number one priority online. This includes not only protecting the data of your business but also protecting the data of your customers and other users that interact with your website. As an open source, free software, anyone can study the source to improve it or find vulnerabilities that can help them break into websites.

Because of its popularity, WordPress has become one of the most popular targets for hackers, data thieves or users attempting to add malicious code to your website. Each new WordPress update signifies a potential security threat your website currently has. For this reason, keeping your WordPress version and any plugins you are using up to date is incredibly important.

In some cases, updating your WordPress version is as simple as click an “Update Now” button; however, there are instances where it isn’t that simple. For instance, if your website was improperly set up or is behind on regular updates, there is a chance that the option is no longer available or doing so will break your website. To ensure your updates go as smoothly as possible and no problems arise, Skynet Solutions proudly offers WordPress Maintenance Services on a quarterly or monthly basis or as part of our Business Plus or Business Prime hosting plans.

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