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3 Creative Marketing Ideas To Expand Your Reach


While search engine optimization should be your primary goal, there are many different ways your business can expand its reach online and provide great content to draw in potential customers. By employing creative marketing ideas, you will be able to effectively expand your voice among a sea of competitors and draw new customers to your business. In this article, we will explain the most common ways that business can flex their creative muscles and make more of an impact online.

Start a YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel is free and easy. This makes it one of the easiest ways to deliver video content to your social media followers and potentially build a new following directly on the platform.  Create videos that showcase your products or give customers a behind the scenes view to create genuine content that will build a loyal following.

Start a Podcast

Do you keep up with industry-specific trends for your business? Starting a podcast is one of the easiest ways to establish yourself as an expert in your given field. Because most podcasts are just audio, this is one of the easiest creative marketing ideas to implement. Try to prepare to talk for 30 to 60 minutes for the most impact.

Write a Book

Are you a wealth of information that is specific to your industry? There’s a good chance that there are other people in your industry that are looking for the information that you can provide if you are a B2B focused business. Share your knowledge in eBook form to build your mailing list or draw new potential clients to your business.

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