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3 Effective Ways To Drive Website Traffic


Unlike a brick and mortar store, your website is open 24 hours a day to sell your products or give potential customers information about the products or services you offer. However, if you aren’t receiving the right amount of traffic to your website, you likely aren’t getting the value out of it that you could. If you are looking for ways to drive website traffic, try implementing these 3 effective and tested methods.

Start Blogging Consistently

While it is hard to update your dedicated website pages regularly, providing fresh new content to your website is critical for driving traffic to your website. Blogging is an effective and easy way to target new keywords or enhance the quality of the main pages of your website. Ensure your blogs hit the minimum 350 word count and target specific keywords or keyword phrases for the best results. These blogs should then be shared on social media when released to encourage inbound website traffic through clickthroughs.

Leverage Email Marketing

Email marketing has stood the test of time and can be incredibly effective at drawing more customers to your website. If you have been collecting emails from your clients – you should be – you can target your best customers with a promotion to get them to your website or a special landing page. Ensure your email marketing isn’t flooding your reader’s inboxes or this strategy could ultimately do more harm than good and turn potential customers off.

Invest In Social Media Ads

If your consumer base isn’t as large as you hope and your keyword strategies aren’t reaping their full benefits yet, you may be able to find success with PPC ads, particularly on social media. Facebook, in particular, has made it incredibly easy to get your information in front of your target markets to provide strategic advertising that will draw new customers in.

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