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AutoTrix Cruises into a New Web Design


Founded in 2007, AutoTrix LLC is an aftermarket automotive electrical manufacturing company that facilitates a way to add modern-day vehicle creature features into classic cars and trucks. With a focus on American Made products, AutoTrix has quickly become a favorite manufacturer for safety seekers and car collectors nationwide. Through expansion efforts, AutoTrix partnered with Midwest Logistics using the WooCommerce Midwest Plugin to maintain excellent shipping standards, secure drop shipping partners and obtain white label re-sellers.

AutoTrix LLC is constantly working to develop new and interesting products for all makes and models of cars and is always looking for suggestions. However, they already have built an impressive product catalog to meet the most prominent needs owners of older cars might have. From Mustang sequential tail light modules to one-touch express down windows and step covers,  AutoTrix is bringing modern features to late model cars, trucks and now Class A RV’s.

For this project, Skynet Solutions was responsible for modernizing their website design and transferring it to WordPress to improve security and functionality. To expand on previous efforts by AutoTrix to provide secure and reliable online shopping, Skynet Solutions implemented modern eCommerce solutions to improve and simplify the online ordering process. To further meet the needs of AutoTrix LLC, Skynet Solutions enhanced the website SEO with the implementation of strategic keywords and schema data to make the webpages easily indexed by search engines

To learn more about AutoTrix, we encourage you to visit their new website. As a leading provider of digital marketing services in the Tulsa area, Skynet Solutions proudly partners with AutoTrix to provide marketing services to help further solidify their online presence. If you are ready to get started on establishing your web presence, we look forward to hearing from you and helping determine the best solution to achieve your goals. Let us help you get started and find your place online!

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