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Should Your Business Start a Podcast?


Recent statistics show that nearly 21% of Americans have listened to at least one podcast every month. This number equates to a listenership increase of 75% since 2013. With the massive growth of podcasts, some businesses are beginning to ask themselves if starting a podcast would be beneficial for them. Podcasts allow businesses to connect with their audience on a personal level in their own voice.

Much like social media, this can help humanize a business as the listener can identify with the spokesman they hear through the podcast. This can convert to more brand awareness and customer connection in the long-term. Currently, few businesses are using the powerful medium of podcasting although set up and execution is easy. If you have decent audio equipment and topics to talk about you are ready to start podcasting.

While the market is growing now, it hasn’t reached capacity and this is a perfect time to start. Podcasts already exist for a wide variety of topics, so it can be incredibly easy to determine what major competitors are doing that is working for them. Once you have listened to a few of their podcasts you should be able to easily transform their strategy into something that works for you. However, it is important to remain original to ensure potential listeners see value in your recordings. In the world of online marketing, content is still king. Podcasts can function as just that, another piece of content that can be distributed across multiple marketing channels.

While podcasts can be placed directly on your blogs or website, other services like Stitcher, SoundCloud and iTunes can help bring your podcast to a broader audience. If you have thought about podcasting or the thought has never crossed your mind, now is the time to get into this burgeoning medium. If your content is original and insightful, listeners will continue to come back. Though initial growth may be slow, the long-term payoff will be worth the invested time.

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