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Black Friday Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses


It’s no secret that Black Friday is generally considered the most important day of the year for retail. Not only do customers go out to their favorite stores in droves, but they are also often buying all of their Christmas presents for friends and family on this one day of the year. In fact, the only other retail holiday that comes close is Cyber Monday. If you want to make the most of this upcoming Black Friday for your small business, here are some marketing ideas you can keep in mind.

Incentivize Purchases

While you may have your customers already in store for Black Friday, they may not be willing to spend their money without thinking they are getting a better deal. Depending on the products you sell, take the time to provide a complementary product to incentivize purchases and leave your customers satisfied when they walk out of the door. Just ensure you are letting potential customers know about the free gift you are providing on social media to get them to visit your storefront.

Revamp Your Gift Cards

Although you may not realize it, gift cards are considered one of the most popular presents given throughout the holidays. The best part for a business is that, if they aren’t used, it’s free money that you have available to you. If you are already happy with your existing gift card designs, encourage any customers you may have to add a gift card onto their purchase any time they aren’t sure what to buy for someone. Just take the time to ensure they can’t be forged or copied to prevent less than honest customers from taking advantage.

Extend Your Sales

Want to get a jump on the competition? If you want to give your customers an early shopping experience start your Black Friday sale now. You can also extend it beyond that single day and into Cyber Monday. Just because Black Friday is often considered the designated day for sales doesn’t mean that you can’t offer your customers great deals in advance. Find a strategy that works best for you and implement it to make the most of the holiday season!

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