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Typeface Dilemma

A part of my Identity Process includes time to look into Typefaces that match the clients’ needs or what I feel best expresses their visual message. What is a Typeface you may ask? A Typeface is a family of character

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Top 5 Network Security Breaches

Open Ports – Ports are different doors to your computer. Each computer on the internet has an IP Address that is that computers unique Address. Similar to each house in the US has a unique mailing address for its zip

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Laravel Review

While at Tulsa Tech Fest, I attended a class that introduced a small framework, Laravel. Laravel is a “Clean & Classy PHP Framework, which offers a bit more than I expected. I’ll quickly go over a few things I like

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Color Scheme Designer

The design process can be a long and arduous road with many bumps along the way. Every bump affects each designer differently ie. typography, layout, content, color…DING! DING! I would sometimes spend more time than necessary deciding what colors to

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There is a new social media outlet, Google+, that will surely be very popular. Google+ is still in Beta, but has pretty much opened the door to anyone with a will to join. They are still adding new features every

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Adobe Edge noConflict fix 0.1.2

Adobe Edge 2 is now available, but they still haven’t gotten around to making it work when jQuery is in noConflict mode. Download the 0.1.2 fix Again, you will still need to edit your project file like so: /**  *

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