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Typeface Dilemma


A part of my Identity Process includes time to look into Typefaces that match the clients’ needs or what I feel best expresses their visual message. What is a Typeface you may ask? A Typeface is a family of character design ie. Helvetica, Georgia, Futura, Baskerville, etc. You may call them Fonts, but a Font is actually a variation of a Typeface: Helvetica Bold, Georgia Italic, Baskerville medium book. I’ll step down from my terminology soap box for now and get back to the meat and potatoes of this blog post.

I am sure that most designers out there are like me and have a plethora of Typefaces on their machines. Sifting through them can be a long process causing a lot of wasted time. Until I found this handy dandy online Web App that can save lots of time for any designer.

This site is fairly simple and easy to implement. You can type in a word at the top center, click the ‘load more fonts,’ (I know, I know) and it will load a preview of these on the page. You can continue to load more until you are through all of your own installed Typefaces. You are able to make filters for your displaying Typefaces, change the size, and flip the positive-negative areas.

It is a great alternative to my old method of doing things, and I thought I would share this link so all could benefit from increased productivity during the Identity Process.

(Source: Skynet Solutions)

By Clint Smith

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