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Boosting Social Media Engagement


Maintaining consistent engagement on social media platforms can be a challenge. The average consumer lives on social media platforms and constantly have access to their accounts at any moment throughout the day. Nearly everyone is on social media these days, even competitors, so unique meaningful content is needed to gain the upper hand. Luckily there are several steps you can take to boost social media engagement. Use Hashtags Hashtags create a searchable index for your social media posts. If an individual conducts a search for that hashtag, a personal post that includes it will be available to view. Be creative with hashtags but don’t over-do them, otherwise, the content will be lost in a sea of other posts. Utilize Visual Elements When social media users scroll through post upon post, visual elements are usually the item that makes them stop to read content. With the amount of text-based content posted every minute on social media, adding visual elements can help posts become unique. Include Tags and Mentions Tags and mentions can help notify high profile users that you are talking about them, this can lead to engagement if they repost or share the post to their own social media accounts. It is better to create unique posts to make it seem more personal to the mentioned person that are sent on different days. Ask Questions Asking creative questions will undoubtedly help encourage engagement. Make the questions relative to the brand to maintain a cohesive message. For instance, if you are a nutritional supplement company, use an image of various gym equipment and ask how they would create a workout program based on those particular elements. If you are struggling with your social media engagement and content strategies, Skynet Solutions can help you succeed in this growing medium. Call our contact us through our online form to easily solidify your place in the social media realm!

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