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Utilizing Brand Consistency in Social Media


Social media has demonstrated its phenomenal staying power in recent years. In the modern age, it is imperative that businesses utilize social media to ensure their continued success. Perhaps the most important part of any social media strategy includes the implementation of brand consistency. Brand consistency should be used across all social media platforms a business operates under. With customization features allowing brands to ensure their image remains the same across each, it has never been easier to create uniformity throughout your social media accounts. Businesses should utilize brand consistency for these reasons:

Brand Strengthening

For any company that is wanting to build their social media presence, brand consistency can help strengthen not only their brand but name recall as well. This process includes the use of the same username on each page to avoid confusion. To create more unity, use your company logo as the profile picture and adjust the header accordingly.

Maintain Personality

With a large number of people utilizing social media daily, it is important for businesses to remain consistent in both the content they release and how they interact with other users. Consistency can help explain the company you currently are or plan to become in the future. This can also give other users and expectation of your company, both good or bad depending on how you approach it.

Decrease Confusion

Without brand consistency, companies would have a difficult time limiting the amount of confusion that is experienced by the end user. If your social media accounts have no common ground, it could be difficult for other users to find your profile or determine its authenticity. This is especially true in the common age when spoof and parody accounts are being created and believed in mass.

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