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The perfect website that exhibits the personality of your brand has been built and filled with content reflecting your mission statement. Products or services you offer have been listed and are ripe for customers to begin utilizing them. However, without building an online presence, even the best startup company or website will remain in obscurity. Building an online presence can take time and dedication. It is rare that a product or brand will become an overnight success and many take years forming relationships with customers and building their image before they achieve success. With a few simple steps and persistence, brand and website owners can ensure they are on the correct path to success. Provide Valuable Content If a website cycles the same content over and over (I.e. products or services) and never adds new content to the site or related outlets, what is enticing clients to return to the site or new clients to check it out? The addition of a blog, podcast or video updates can provide consistent, new content across several mediums. Utilize Social Media Social media has made it easier than ever to connect with a target audience. In the past, businesses were less accessible to the general public. With social media consumers have the ability to voice their concerns, good or bad, about products. Social media platforms allow a broad reach with minimal effort; however, choosing social media platforms that fit your business and marketing model is key. The biggest draw for businesses to adapt to and utilize social media is that companies have the ability to humanize themselves and meet with people on an individual level. Consistency on social media channels through regular posting and replying to individual and community concerns can be the most helpful component in establishing an online presence. Track Progress By tracking website stats and social media engagement, businesses have the ability to see what works for their specific needs. With most social media platforms, tracking is done painlessly for you. Following website analytics and determining what has created peaks of consumer activity is invaluable for growing and maintaining an online presence.

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