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What is the Difference Between Content Creation and Content Curation?


If you are managing your own social media accounts, you likely are already engaging in content creation and content curation, even if you don’t realize it. To better understand what each of these means and why it is important, it is first necessary to define the terms. Content creation is developing your own original content for social media, while content curation is utilizing relevant content from other sources that your social media audiences will be interested in or find value in.

What is a Good Balance of Each Content Type?

It would be great if we had the ability to tell you which content type should be utilized and what percentage ratios they should be used; however, no business and their audience are the same. This unique challenge for each business requires the ability to remain flexible and test your content strategies to determine the best return on investment. However, there are some helpful guidelines you can follow to ensure the best return on investment for both your business and its potential customers.

Content Creation Strategies

Content creation should involve the creation of unique social media posts, blogs that can be easily shared on social media and other visual content such as videos, infographics or relevant images. This content should always link back to your website to drive traffic and sales conversions whenever possible. It is important to not overdo it when pitching your products to customers. If you are continually trying to sell, they will likely be turned off by future content updates.

Content Curation Strategies

To successfully provide relevant curated content, a social media manager really only needs to find and share information that they find relevant to their business or the businesses audience. Depending on your business strategies, content curation can also include viral videos or memes to help boost engagement. Determining the proper content curation strategies and the frequency of posts including them takes some trial and error but will benefit your business immensely when determined.

Still Need Assistance with Content Development?

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