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Creating Content for Viral Exposure


In the modern technological world, the most elusive and proven way to develop a following is to write content that will be shared and viewed so much that it becomes a piece of “viral content”. Whether this is a blog, video, photos, or any piece of digital content, the key is creating content that users will want to share with people who in turn will want to share the same content in an endless cycle. There are limits to going viral. No one person can force content to reach the shareability level required no matter how well they produce that content. The key is creating content that people connect with on an emotional or empathetic level and doesn’t have to fall into one simple categorical genre. As we’ve all seen viral content can be anything from images of cats with pizza slices to fail videos. Positive content always has more potential to go viral than negative content. People love to share inspirational messages and creating content that fits that mold will be more palatable to wide audiences. By choosing a target emotion and crafting the message to achieve invoking those feelings the reader feels a sense of connectedness. Tidbits of information are easily digestible in the digital world of today. Consumers don’t have the ability to sit through long content because they will lose interest if the message takes too long to achieve. The key to creating successful viral content is keeping the message short but powerful. The final component to creating viral content is making sure your message is something consumers are willing to share that won’t compromise their sense of individuality and morals. With the growth of social media sites, sharing content has never been easier. With the click of a button content can be sent to thousands or even millions of possible consumers. Though these methods won’t ensure content goes viral, it’s a good starting place for any content hoped to gain traction. Who you know will never outweigh originality or creativity. If you think you have the next viral content idea, get out there and create it!

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