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How to Drive Social Media Referrals


One of the biggest FREE assets a small business owner has is the ability to promote their business or services on social media. As you may already know, real sales happen on your website, not your social media pages. For this reason, it is important to direct potential customers from your social media pages to your website. There are many different foolproof ways to drive traffic to your website using social media. It is important to remember that unless a potential customer has the incentive to visit your website, they likely won’t. Follow these steps to help drive your social media referrals.

Provide Value

Because so many businesses are competing for the attention of their audiences on social media, it only makes sense to provide something valuable that your competitors can’t or don’t. Value can easily be found when you know your target market and the type of information they are receptive to. Strive to meet the needs or desires of your target audience.

Use a Call to Action

It can be easy to forget to add a simple call to action in your social media posts. Without encouraging the customer to pursue the desired outcome, they likely won’t have the desire to. If you have more information on your site that isn’t included in the post, encourage readers to click through to read more.

Individualize Social Media Networks

What works for one social media network likely won’t be tailored for another. When writing your social media posts, write individual renditions on the same thing to meet the word count limitations and other network-specific requirements. This can ensure your content is optimized to be most effective. Be Direct Social media interaction is incredibly personalized. Don’t be afraid to target your potential customers by using words like “you” and “your”. This can help strengthen their need for your product or services and encourage them to seek more information.

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