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E-commerce payment system options


One of the many steps to taking your business online is deciding how to accept payments.

Selecting an E-commerce payment system for your website can seem overwhelming to some with several questions and concerns instantly coming to mind. Where do I go? Who should I ask? Here is some helpful information that should help align your path.

Type of Website platform

Do you know what framework your website is running on? When approaching a payment processor this is one of the first questions they will ask. WordPress, Drupal, Wix, Shopify are just a few of the available website platforms. If you are using an all-in-one inclusive option like Wix or Shopify then you will be encouraged to use their easy one-click payment processing “setup wizard”. Which is great for some but will come at a cost. If you are using a framework like WordPress or Drupal then the setup is more manual. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as you have already taken the more calculated, timely and customizable approach. Ultimately you are only able to interface a payment system that can provide a secure portal or a software plugin for your websites platform.

If you are just getting going or testing the market with an idea; going the easy and quick route might be the best option. But if you are selling more substantial amounts through your website it would be wise to explore your payment processor options.

Type of Business or Industry

Some ecommerce businesses might have a more difficult time finding and securing a payment processor due to their line of business. CBD, supplement companies and many others suffer from constant regulations and display requirements to ensure continued service with their payment system. Having a great web team at your disposal, like Skynet Solutions, can help you with these requirements and keep you in compliance. Losing a way to accept money, as a business, can be a death blow. 

Types of E-commerce Payment systems and which one to choose

There are many companies offering payment processing systems that are actually resellers. Skynet Solutions is one of those, please reach our if you need help selecting a payment processor for your website. So which one do you choose? Well, depending on the above items (website platform and industry) that may have already been answered!

Its always best to integrate your payment system with your website via a software plugin API if the option is available. This provides more control options directly from your websites admin section for things like refunds or additional charges.

This is what it ultimately comes down to: What is the percentage or rate are they going to take off of the top of your profits? This is a major factor that is surprisingly overlooked! There are often times details in the specifics that can affect and change this rate depending on your volume or other circumstances. In the event you are confronted with an “easy setup wizard” will you tell them no? Or will you explore your options first?

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E-Commerce payment system processors

Payment Cloud – –

Square –

Paypal –

Stripe –


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