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Easy Ways to Protect Your WordPress Website


There’s a common misconception that because WordPress is open-source, it doesn’t provide the same level of security that other CMS platforms would. As the leading website design platform used on the Internet, we are happy to tell you that the built-in security features are often more robust than those you would find with competitors and there are several ways you can work to further improve that security. In this article, we will look at some easy ways to protect your WordPress website and maintain high levels of security.

Improve Your Password

If you are like most people, the password you use to secure your website isn’t quite at the level of complexity it should be. This ultimately makes it easy for hackers to break into the back end of your website using a long list of possible passwords that are continually tested in succession until one finally cracks into the dashboard. Make sure your passwords don’t contain any real words and try to add a mix of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, symbols and numbers to create the most secure password possible.

Stay On Top of Updates

Regularly updating both your version of WordPress and the plugins you use is important for limiting the number of bugs or security holes that may be present. As new vulnerabilities are detected, WordPress developers will work feverishly to ensure that they are eliminated as soon as possible. If you are still running older versions of WordPress or your plugins, there’s a good chance that you are a prime target for malicious users.

Implement SSL for Encryption

A Secure Socket Layer certificate, or SSL, can help secure any data that is transferred between the browser a user uses and the servers that you are using. This inevitably makes it harder for malicious users or hackers to spoof your info or find a breach in the connection. Even better, an SSL certificate can directly affect how well your website ranks in Google! With both paid and free, open-source options you are sure to find the right fit for your business’ unique needs.


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