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3 Effective Ways to Use Automated Email Marketing


If you aren’t currently using email marketing for your small business, you likely are missing out on the great benefits that can be obtained. However, if you are investing in email marketing, you might be surprised to learn just how many ways it can be utilized in your marketing campaigns aside from standard newsletters. If you are looking for a little inspiration or are looking for new ways to reach customers, try these 3 effective ways to use automated email marketing.

Promotional Campaigns

Promotional campaigns are one of the most affordable ways to announce new products or sales to your customers. If you have an upcoming sale and your email lists have been segmented properly, you are in a unique position to get your products in front of the customers that are most likely to purchase them at that given time. Segmenting your lists properly is critical for successful automated email marketing towards different audience groups.

Autoresponders and Event-Triggered

Having a communication channel open with your customers is critical for developing a relationship and establishing repeat business. With autoresponders and event-triggered emails, you have the ability to automatically open one of these channels when someone joins your mailing list, makes a purchase. For example, after making a purchase the automated email will send a coupon for a future purchase as a thank you.

Reactivation Emails

Low open rates can make your reports look less than exciting. If you are experiencing low open rates on your email campaigns, you may need to send a reactivation email to verify the email addresses on your lists are still active. While this is technically a manual process, implementing it will help ensure your automated email marketing is more effective in the future.

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