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Embedded Images using FPDF and Classic ASP


When creating dynamic PDFs in ASP, we typically use the FPDF procedure. I received a task to create a dynamic coupon, so what’s the first thing I do? Implement FPDF of course.

After formatting the coupon, I began to test. Upon testing I encountered unusual errors. The PDF format was being corrupted seemingly by the background image. After some research, even the procedure documentation had no reference to this type of issue, leaving me no good source for troubleshooting.

After reaching a level of increased frustration, I came to the realization that some aspect of FPDF requires a fully-qualified domain name. So if you are using this procedure to develop dynamic PDFs and begin encountering unusual problems, simply upload it to a live server before going “Office Space” on your PC.

Source: Skynet Solutions

By Matt Maennche

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