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Using Facebook Live for Business


Video is the king of all content. By combining visuals with the message you are trying to get across, a powerful information medium is created. Facebook Live, the new live video streaming platform, allows real-time customer interaction with nothing more than a Facebook account and a video camera.

One of the biggest perks of Facebook Live is the ability to view engagement in real time. As you stream, customers can react to the video with a variety of Emojis as well as live chat. Never has a business been able to interact with their customers on such a large scale. Facebook Live can be used in a variety of applications, however, these tested methods are a great start!

Inside Looks

Customers love seeing behind the scenes of their favorite business. My giving an inside look at your manufacturing process or giving a live demo of your product, customers will be more inclined to support your business. This not only will boost engagement, but customers will feel like they are part of something exclusive.

Live Events

If you host seminars, conferences or events, Facebook Live will open your business or brand to entirely new market that may otherwise never find you. By live streaming these events, customers who couldn’t afford to go or couldn’t travel to be there can still benefit from the experience. This will help build brand loyalty and customer appreciation. Access can also be limited by groups of individuals!

Business Updates

Businesses within the service industry can use Facebook Live to talk about promotions or what the company has been doing recently. Some podcasters have started using the platform to provide information to a wider audience. If the live stream produces informational or fun content, people will likely return for another live stream event.

If you are struggling with your social media content and outreach strategies, Skynet Solutions can help you succeed in this growing medium. You can fill out our contact form to get started today. You can also connect with us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and LinkedIn!

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