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Facebook Reveals Page Manager Location Information


In an effort to improve Facebook Pages transparency, Facebook is now providing additional information for visiting users. As recently revealed through a Facebook email, the Info and Ads tab will now show the primary country location where Pages are managed. For businesses that choose to outsource their social media management to other countries, this could signal an important change as the visitor’s become more aware of who is responsible for the posts they are seeing.

Following the concerns over alleged Russian election meddling and the following aftermath brought on by a Senate hearing, Facebook has been working to improve company transparency by providing more information about ads that are being displayed and the people who are responsible for creating them. However, this may come as a surprise to some businesses who have chosen to partner with local marketing agencies for their social media management.

One common, but relatively unknown, practice that marketing agencies will utilize is to use the budget provided by their clients to hire offshore workers at a discounted rate. Unfortunately, this means that they pocket some of the money and in exchange receive cheap labor that stretches your investment. While you may not see much of a difference, the new information provided by Facebook will help pinpoint exactly where your content is being created.

As a local business, Skynet Solutions is committed to providing effective social media management services through a dedicated, in-house team. This ensures you known exactly where your posts originate from and who is creating them. However, if you are using another company currently, it may be a good idea to audit the users that currently have been assigned administrative roles to your pages and remove any users who should no longer have access.

If you are concerned about who may currently have access to your page, you are encouraged to begin managing your page roles. To help accomplish this, it is important to verify who has access to your business page and revoke their access if necessary. For more information about how this can be achieved, please refer to the Facebook Help Center.


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