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Fighting Fungus with Know the Cause


After working in the area of food allergies, Doug Kaufmann quickly became interested in the idea that fungus has a direct correlation with a wide variety of common diseases. As the author of 9 books on the subject of fungus and its impact on health, Kaufmann’s popular TV show Know the Cause explores the impact of pathogenic fungi and the clinical effects it can have on the body. After starting his local media career in the 1980s on a local radio show in Dallas, TX, the Know the Cause website has become a worldwide hub for anyone interested in following an anti-fungal lifestyle.

Social Media ManagementIn addition to weekly shows that can be viewed across a wide variety of platforms, including satellite television, Kaufmann has also developed his own anti-fungal diet plan. Consisting of two different phases, the goal of the Kaufmann Diet is to starve pathogenic fungi and yeasts within the body to improve overall health. In an effort to modernize its website and provide a better user experience, Skynet Solutions was recently honored to design and build a brand new website design for Know the Cause.

For this project, Skynet Solutions was responsible for transferring their website to the WordPress platform to improve security and functionality. To ensure secure and reliable transactions for the variety of books sold through Know the Cause, Skynet Solutions implemented modern eCommerce solutions that both improve and simplify the online ordering process. To further meet the needs of Know the Cause, Skynet Solutions enhanced the website SEO with the implementation of strategic keywords and schema data to make the webpages easily indexed by search engines, while also formatting older posts to meet modern guidelines.

Because Know the Cause was already so well-known for its anti-fungal message, it was important for Skynet Solutions to work closely with both Doug Kaufmann and his team to ensure a consistent message was carried over into the new website while also modernizing the design. In addition to these needs, the web development team was responsible for integrating a new eCommerce store to sell the published books that Doug Kaufmann has released as well as sponsored products that may be featured on the live show. With this functionality, Know the Cause now can access their sales data from one centralized location through the backend of their website instead of maintaining a separate eCommerce store.

Email Campaign for Know the Cause

In addition to these previous services, Skynet Solutions continues to provide social media management, website maintenance services, email campaign management and eCommerce support services. By functioning as a “one-stop-shop” for all of their marketing needs, Skynet Solutions continues to help Know the Cause reach new audiences and further improve their web traffic and sale while also providing customer service support and website maintenance to improve security and functionality.

To learn more about Know the Cause we encourage you to visit their new website. As a leading provider of digital marketing and eCommerce support services in the Tulsa area, Skynet Solutions proudly partners with Know the Cause to provide marketing services to help further solidify their online presence and maintain a high-traffic online bookstore. If you are ready to get started, we look forward to hearing from you and helping determine the best solution to achieve your goals. Contact us today to learn what is possible!

Ecommerce Store for Know the Cause

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