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Fine-Tuning Your Ad Copy


You know you have a great product and, if it could just reach the right people, they would be interested in purchasing them. Fortunately, with advertising businesses have the opportunity to expand their audiences and ensure their products are front-and-center for potential customers that are looking for products just like theirs. In this article, we will look at the importance of ensuring your ad copy is great and provide some easy steps to fine-tune it.

Why Is Great Ad Copy Important?

Your ad copy plays several pivotal roles in acquiring new customers and encouraging them to complete a transaction. While it could be argued that the graphics you use are most important, the ad copy will be what ultimately spurs them to action or entices them to learn more about your products or services. If your choice of words isn’t right, what incentive do they have to spend their money with your business?

Let’s face it, no matter what industry you are in, you likely already have a competitor that is investing in advertising. If your advertising is reaching the same audiences but they have more compelling content, they will likely go with your competitor instead of you. As you can see, the content you use to describe your product and close a sell can be incredibly important. For this reason, choosing the right tone and message for your ad copy is critical for success.

How Can You Fine-Tune Your Ad Copy?

Before you sit down to begin writing your ad copy, it is important to listen to your existing customers and decide their wants and needs. This may take a little detective work that requires you to interact with them on social media, email or any other forms of communication you may utilize on a daily basis. Once you have an idea of what attracted them to your business in the first place, you can hone in on that to write great and compelling content.

Once you start writing the content that will be used with your ad, be prepared to revise and revise again. No professional will be able to hit the nail on the head their first attempt and you may have to think outside of the box to make your message as effective as possible. Make sure you have an effective call to action somewhere in the ad copy to seal the dead and spur your audience to complete a sell or invest their time into completing your intended goal.

Before pushing your ad live, check it for errors and have some friends help review it as well. In most cases, the more eyes you can get on it for critique the more effective the finished product will be. Unless you are attempting to push an ad extremely quickly, don’t be afraid to slow down the process to make sure it is as effective as possible when it finally goes live.


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