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Why You Should Focus on SEO While Blogging


It’s not uncommon for many bloggers to disregard SEO because they don’t fully understand how to implement it. The truth is, without implementing SEO strategies into your blogs, you are missing out on valuable search ranking and potential readers. For a business, this could easily translate into missed conversions or sales leads. The recommended minimum word count for a blog is generally around 300 words if you are being concise and to-the-point to ensure that search engine crawlers have enough content to determine what the page is about and index it accordingly. However, the highest ranked blogs will generally have much more words than that.

Focus on Keywords

One of the most important aspects of SEO implementation is the use of relevant keywords to gain indexing based on those keywords and provide relevant content for those looking for it. Finding relevant keywords can be as easy as monitoring your relevant audiences social media or utilizing services like Google Trends. Once you have these keywords it is important to integrate them into your blog post. While writing the blog focus on using your keyword naturally so it doesn’t seem forced. This can also include variations of the same keyword to cover more ground. Aside from in the content itself, primary keywords should easily be found in the following portions of your blog:

  • Title
  • Heading Tags
  • URL Slug


Meta Descriptions

These sections are often scanned by crawlers easily and can give a general idea of what your content is about. It should be noted that it is important to avoid keyword stuffing because it can actually damage your content ranking or disable it. Keyword stuffing happens when content writers use the keyword too much unnecessarily. If you are currently hosting your blog on a WordPress platform, Yoast SEO is a phenomenal tool to aid in bolstering your SEO knowledge and implementation. This plugin will assist you in ensuring your content is SEO ready and give recommendations for better implementation. By using these tips your blog will be ranking higher in no time!

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