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Google My Business Introduces Agency Dashboard


Google recently unveiled a new Agency Dashboard for Google My Business that allows marketing firms and SEO managers to efficiently manage multiple listings at once. Announced nearly a month ago, this exciting new feature is now live. In this article, we will take a look at some of the new features that can be found in the new Google My Business Agency Dashboard and how they can support local marketing agencies.

One of the biggest features included in the new Agency Dashboard is the ability to manage all locations you are responsible for in one single account. Previously, agencies were limited to 100 locations for each account they had on the dashboard. This new update makes it possible for agencies to have all of their accounts in a single location to streamline their marketing efforts and effectively manage the accounts they are responsible for.

With the new dashboard, any organizations that are added to the dashboard must be placed in Location Groups. Formerly known as business accounts, this new update makes it possible for agencies to request access to particular business accounts through a location group or gives their clients the ability to invite the agency of their choice to co-manage their individual listings. This update also allows agencies to control access to these accounts at different permission levels.

Because the number of accounts isn’t limited anymore, there’s a good chance that you will begin accumulating a large collection of Location Groups. Like the previous Google My Business dashboard, you will have the ability to search through all of your locations to find the account you are searching for. However, this new dashboard also allows you to search within Location Groups as well.

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