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Google Trends Updates Improve Functionality


If you are writing blogs for your small business, you likely utilize Google Trends to keep a pulse on what your target audiences are searching for. If you don’t, you are missing out on this powerful tool that can help you make more of an impact and establish credibility in your defined markets. Recently, Google updated their powerful Google Trends tool based on feedback received from their users.

In an effort to provide a more data-based search for editorial purposes, the new design gives users the ability to utilize a year in search data or minute-by-minute or daily trends on current searches. While Google Trends is a great tool for news writers and journalists, the features it provides can also benefit small businesses in their web content creation strategy. Some of the new features obtained in the most recent Google Trends updates include:

  • Modified Trending searches section now provides both daily or up-to-the-minute trends for the most searched keywords or keyword phrases. This gives you an updated picture of what stories are most important at the current time.
  • Year In Search data is now available as far back as 2001 to provide insight into how search interest in particular keywords or keyword phrases have changed from year to year. This allows you the opportunity to see what topics were trending across different topics.
  • New infographic types have been established to provide a visual comparison between different topics. This allows you to easily see the differences between two given keywords or keyword phrases.
  • With a new News Lab section, Google Trends now provides data stories that have been curated on some of the top searches. These are typically accompanied by Google data visualizations that have been developed by newsroom designers worldwide.

To see the new features in action and take advantage of this powerful tool, visit the Google Trends page and begin searching for your target keywords or keyword phrases. While created with journalists in mind, the platform provides a great way to research keywords for your blogs or overall content strategy to improve SEO. To learn more about the new updates, read The Keyword post directly from Google.

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