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Google’s New Logo – For a Faster Web?


Google’s new logo has been revealed for long enough now that most of us have seen it and developed an opinion about it. Let’s just say what’s on everyone’s mind first – Yes, it does seem slightly reminiscent of a title for some kind of children’s show on PBS. The bright colors combined with the extremely simplified and rounded typeface gave a lot of people that crayon vibe. But there’s a reason for everything! An analysis on Gizmodo (seen here) revealed that this new logo can actually do us a lot of favors as far as webpage load times go.  Essentially, the transition from the complex serif font to the more simplified and circle-based font makes the shape of the logo much more mathematically simple. In the .svg file format (scaleable vector graphic) the image is only 302 bytes uncompressed. In contrast, the more complex vector file of the original logo came out to 6,380 bytes uncompressed.  While 6kb is almost nothing on most modern internet speeds, this change really demonstrates the trend of building website on more basic vector graphics rather than heavy raster (pixel-based) images. What do you think? Is this a welcome change, or do you prefer a more flashy look at the cost of a bit of extra loading time? Data from Gizmodo Article: How Could Google’s New Logo Be Only 305 Bytes When Its Old Logo Was 14,000 Bytes?

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