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Google’s New Rules on Mobile-Friendly Sites


And How it Affects You.

April 21st Deadline To Get Mobile Friendly

Is your website mobile-friendly?
Starting April 21st, Google has announced an update to their mobile based search algorithm which will give a higher ranking to those with mobile-friendly sites and will be downgrading those without. As a result, mobile users will notice their search results to be more relevant and optimized for their devices. This change is great news for mobile users, as it may urge more and more sites to convert, but it may cause a sizable impact to businesses with outdated sites if they lose this mobile ranking. Many businesses are learning that visitors coming to their websites are on mobile devices. Upon further review it becomes evident that mobile searches have increased from 27% to over 47% in the past two years. Having a responsive website design, coded to adapt to all screen sizes regardless of whether a visitor is using a mobile device or a desktop computer, will give your business a competitive edge.

How can this change have a positive effect on your business?
Complying with Google’s new mobile-friendly requirements opens a rare opportunity for businesses to gain more market share, in terms of search ranking, from their competitors. Responsive websites that can accommodate the new algorithm will be shown above other noncompliant sites and in the long run, this higher ranking will direct more traffic their way. Usually companies pay thousands of dollars a month on campaigns to gain top rankings in search results. After April 21st, even small businesses have the chance to be placed above their competition without having to break their budgets.

So how can you ensure that your business’s website is ready?
Luckily Google has given its partners some tools to use in preparation for their upcoming changes. Contact the professional team of web developers at Skynet Solutions to review your website’s mobile-friendly readiness and make certain your customers can find you when they need you the most.

Contact us today with any questions or concerns over googles mobile guidelines at 918-895-1982

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