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Heating Things Up with Keto Burn


With the rising growth of the Keto diet, many supplement companies have started rebranding their existing products to be “keto-friendly”, leading to mass confusion for anyone following the lifestyle. Unfortunately, some of these products may not even provide the results they expect and could potentially hinder the results they achieve on a Ketogenic diet. In an effort to provide a little more transparency into the keto supplements that actually work, Keto Burn was created to be the primary online destination for this market segment.

Although originally functioning as a landing page for a single flagship product, the team at Keto Burn knew how important having access to supplements that actually work would be for anyone following the Keto diet. Not only could this serve as a valuable hub for information related to the Keto diet, but it could also give a real insight into products that fit the lifestyle and deserve recognition. With this in mind, the team behind Keto Burn worked with Skynet Solutions to implement a new web design and provide valuable resources that could achieve this goal.

For this project, Skynet Solutions transferred the website to the WordPress platform to ensure the requested features could be easily implemented, while also improving the security the website can provide to protect its users. In addition to this, Skynet Solutions also worked with the Keto Burn team to create new, SEO-friendly product descriptions and added schema data that could help improve search ranking for these pages. While a fairly standard approach with each website we design, this ensures that Keto Burn has the framework in place to hit the ground running from the moment the website is launched.

To learn more about Keto Burn, we encourage you to visit their new website. As Keto Burn continues to fulfill the needs of the Ketogenic community, Skynet Solutions will proudly work alongside them to provide the marketing services needed to establish consistent growth. If you are ready to get started on establishing your web presence, we look forward to hearing from you and helping determine the best solution to achieve your goals. Let us help you get started and find your place online!

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