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Improving Search Ranking with Google+


You’ve created a Google My Business page and are ready to start promoting your business to gain higher favor in search rankings. For a small to medium sized business, appearing in Google’s local results can be an important way to gain new customers that previously may not have known about your business. Luckily, the implementation of Google+ and the various tools and resources associated with the platform have made promoting your business easier than it ever has been!

Over time, Google+ has gotten a bad reputation in the social media world. The inherent value obtained from creating an account for your business lies in search engine ranking, not necessarily engagement analytics. However, when a business receives a review on their Google listing it can directly impact the likelihood of customers to choose one business over another.

One of the biggest perks of utilizing Google+ for your business is the ability to gain immediate indexing. This can be important for businesses who may not have their own website SEO up to par. When content is posted onto a Google+ page, it can easily rank in Google results even if your website isn’t! Google+ also provides businesses with a wide variety of marketing tools to better connect with their customers. These resources include Communities, Hangouts, YouTube and Google Maps. When all of these resources are utilized in conjunction with one another, immediate value can be obtained.

If you are struggling to get your business seen, Skynet Solutions can help you use cutting edge SEO practices to ensure the best possible Search Engine Ranking. Though no ranking can be guaranteed, we can help put you in the position to be seen and begin your journey to better search rankings. You can fill out our contact form to get started today. You can also connect with us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and LinkedIn!

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