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Methods Used to Increase Website Traffic


If asked, most business owners would likely say they wish they had more website traffic. Website traffic can often directly translate to sales, increasing the revenue stream experienced by a business. These proven methods can help increase website traffic.


Perhaps the most obvious method of increasing website traffic is engaging in paid search results. Paid advertising functions to build your brand and increase the amount of people that are being exposed to your site throughout the advertising process. To effectively increase sales, keywords should be scrutinized to have the biggest impact.

Social Media

Social media channels are undoubtedly the most effective free method of driving website traffic. Perhaps the most common way of doing this is to promote your content and services through your social media account with links that return to your website. Blog articles should contain an excerpt that will entice readers to follow the link to obtain more content.

Mobile Optimization

Recent studies have shown that nearly 56% of all web traffic to the leading US websites originates from a mobile phone. Smartphones now allow constant connectivity to the internet, meaning customers can find your business at any time. This is especially important for e-commerce sites to allow impulse buying without taking the time to find a computer.

Email Marketing

All businesses should have an email marketing list that is regularly being added to and updated. Email marketing allows customers who are already interested in products or information you offer to know when new content or products have been added to your website. Don’t be afraid to tastefully send emails to let members know this content is available.

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