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Is Firefox About to Make its Comeback?


Remember when Firefox was the cool browser to use? It was a time before Google Chrome, when Internet Explorer first started to fall.

As you can imagine, Mozilla isn’t happy with Firefox’s declining user base, and they’ve developed a plan to begin regaining territory lost to Chrome. This plan revolves around a three-pillar philosophy

1. Quality – Ensuring that every feature is streamlined and enjoyable to use.

2. Uniquely Firefox – Giving users Control to shape their web with a strong focus on online privacy.

3. Best of the Web – Creating better integration with add-ons and partners.

More usage of Firefox could mean less search volume for Google, as Firefox no longer uses Google as its default search engine. It’s hard to say exactly what else this would mean for the future, but it’s safe to assume that Google, Apple, and Microsoft will react and bring even more changes to our current selection of browsers.

Either way, this fierce competition will likely end in victory for consumers!

Information sourced from News360 Article: Mozilla outlines three-step plan to win back Firefox users

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