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Is Website Content Really That Important?


What does a visitor to your website think once they arrive on your home page? While they may initially be drawn in by flashy graphics or a great color palette, the content that is on your website is ultimately what will encourage them to stay and learn more or complete a purchase. For this reason, your website content should be the primary focus of your SEO efforts. Once that has been drilled down, you can start focusing on other facets of optimizing your website.

In reality, great content will the deciding factor that separates you from your competition. Your primary goal shouldn’t be to write website content that is optimized for robots but, instead, write content that will resonate with your target audiences and keep them engaged. Backing your content up with great graphics can turn viewing your website into an experience and help break up walls of text that can seem intimidating for a new user, leading them to find quick answers from a different website.

While we have focused on-page content primarily so far, consistently adding new content to your website is essential if you hope to improve your website’s search engine ranking or keep customers coming back for more information. Take the time to determine the keyword phrases that are most relevant for you beyond what has already been used in your primary content and incorporate them into weekly blogs that link back to the content that is already available.

The goal of this is to create a web of content that is easily navigated and encourages your website visitors to keep learning more about your industry, business and the products or services you sell. With this information, you can ensure they are making an informed purchasing decision and will be happy to support your company. As you can see, perfecting your website content should be at the top of your list once your design has been finalized. Investing in great content from the beginning can help kick start your efforts; however, adjustments can always be made to meet the needs of your target customers.


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