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Is Your Website Design Future Proof?


It seems like the internet is constantly changing and new trends and tactics are needed at regular intervals to ensure you are achieving the most success possible. A good marketing firm will know how important it is to ensure that your website design is future proof and should be able to give you the framework to achieve it. If you questioning whether or not your website design is future proof, here are some of the technologies and considerations that you should keep in mind throughout the audit or development process.

Use WordPress as a Framework

As one of the most popular CMS systems available, WordPress not only provides responsive web design easily but also enhances functionality constantly with the development of new plugins that can be used to achieve an array of new functionalities. As a foundation, WordPress can provide a framework that allows your website to grow with the unique needs your business may have. With just a few clicks, you can ensure that your website design is future proof when using WordPress since it is free and regularly updated by a devoted community.

Improve Your Hosting

If you are constantly making changes to your live website, there’s a good chance that you are running into errors that require a backup restore. Unfortunately, this can be a lengthy process and could potentially keep your website offline for extended periods. To avoid this, consider setting up a testing environment for developmental purposes through your hosting provider to ensure only the best version of your website is live at any given time. This can help eliminate bugs and ensure your visitors have the best experience possible.

Ensure Multi-Device Functionality

Between mobile-first indexing and voice search, making sure your website has the right functionality and frameworks in place will ensure your website is accessible on a wide variety of devices. When testing your website, make sure you include a mobile device, tablet, desktop and voice search options if you are actively pursuing placement with them. If you find errors on any device, you may consider improving the functionality or technologies that you are using to make a lasting impact.


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