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Last-Minute Christmas Marketing Ideas for Small Business


With the Christmas shopping season inching closer to the end, it’s more important than ever for small business owners to kick their marketing into overdrive to finish the year as strong as possible. In fact, following some of the tips outlined in this article may make an enormous impact on the success that you achieve in the final days of this year. In this article, we will provide some great last-minute Christmas marketing tips that you can implement for your small business.

Create Gift Baskets

If you have a retail location that provides several small items that may make great stocking stuffers or a thoughtful grab and go gift, try compiling your own gift baskets and selling the items as a package deal. This can help eliminate some of your excess inventory while simultaneously boosting revenue and profits. Even better, these gift baskets can be broken apart and the items can be gifted individually to quickly mark off the list of people that customers are still shopping for.

Provide Gift Wrapping

It’s no secret that wrapping gifts is often once of the most loathed parts of the holiday season. Many shoppers will be in a hurry to cram in as much shopping as they can into the final days of the shopping season and the convenience of provided gift-wrapping can help entice them to complete a purchase with your small business. This can either be a free service that you provide with a purchase or be tacked on as a small fee to further increase profits.

Sell Gift Cards

Store credit can be a great way to add-on extra revenue and they often make some of the most popular gifts available for Christmas. If you don’t want to go all out and make a plastic gift card that easily fits in a wallet, consider creating a simple paper design that can’t be easily scammed or replicated. Even better, the gift card or gift certificates that you provide are free money if they are never redeemed.

Extend Discount Periods

While it may seem like the shopping season ends on Christmas morning, many people will be looking for ways to spend their money or gift cards that they had received. Carrying on your discounts until the new year helps provide even more potential revenue streams through the remaining days of the year. For added value, provide a new year incentive to bring customers back in the month of January to start the year off quickly.


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