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LinkedIn for Small Business Growth


When businesses begin establishing their social media presence, one platform is almost always underutilized or completed neglected. LinkedIn can add a professional element to business’s social media marketing plan. LinkedIn was created to be a community of professionals that are interested in how other market their business and themselves, giving the ability for small businesses to reach out to top performers and adjust their social media marketing strategies accordingly.

LinkedIn company pages can function as a free marketing tool to function as a supplemental page to create organic traffic to a primary website. Company pages also get phenomenal search rankings due to the nature of social media platforms and the inclusion of keywords within the company description. If a primary website isn’t performing great, a supplemental company page on LinkedIn can help bridge the gap in search results to help others find a business’s primary page.

Creating a company page on LinkedIn can also help a sales representative for a company create positive business to business sales connections. With the overwhelming majority of employees within companies creating personal LinkedIn pages, finding the correct person to reach out to has become an easy process. Making person to person marketing more easily done. This can help build rapport between two company representatives and result in increased sales potential.

One of the biggest factors for drawing businesses onto LinkedIn, is the opportunity to search endless amounts of profiles during a hiring process. Personal LinkedIn profiles function as supplemental data to a potential candidate’s resume. When a business finds a candidate that may meet their needs, they have the ability to reach out to them directly and encourage them to apply directly from the job posting. This can help recruiters within a small business effectively diversify and fill out their company needs.

If you are struggling with your social media content and outreach strategies, Skynet Solutions can help you succeed in this growing medium. You can fill out our contact form to get started today. You can also connect with us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and LinkedIn!

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