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A few blog posts ago, we wrote about the three-year lifespan of a website and the importance of updating your business’s website for the new year. Good web design and mobile friendliness are no longer luxuries in the world of business; these things are necessities if you want to keep up with your competition, hold on to your old customers and attract new ones. One of the things we do best at Skynet Solutions is website design. No matter what your business or how big the job, we can provide you with web design services to suit your business and budget. A good example of some of our recent work is is an e-commerce website for a company based right here in Tulsa that sells custom car parts. They do a lot of cool stuff, and wanted their website to be able to reflect that. Unfortunately, it had fallen a little behind the times. So, the Skynet Solutions design team redesigned the old website and gave it both a new “front end”—an attractive and user friendly new design—and a new “back end”—by upgrading their e-commerce software to Skynet Solutions’ e-commerce software. These changes have not only made the website more visually pleasing, but have made it easier for AutoTrix customers to use as well. Skynet Solutions continues to manage the website to ensure it runs smoothly and is hassle free for the folks at AutoTrix. So take a look at the new and improved site, and if you like what you see, contact the experts at Skynet Solutions. We can help you with all your website design and marketing needs.

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