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Midwest Logistics Gets Website Overhaul


Originally formed in 2009, Midwest Logistics began as a fulfillment and shipping provider for small supplement lines. By focusing on the individual needs and requirements given by these supplement lines, the company was able to refine its processes and expand to provide full-service distribution and fulfillment services through a centralized facility in Oklahoma. Through expansion efforts, Midwest Logistics now provides drop-shipping, warehousing and product fulfillment for a variety of industries that rely on eCommerce sales.

To provide easy integration for eCommerce businesses, Midwest Logistics offers a WooCommerce plugin for WordPress to provide automated eCommerce fulfillment. However, easy integration is also available for Shopify and 3rd party services like Amazon FBA and eBay. This allows Midwest Logistics to quickly dispatch orders to each coast while maintaining target shipping times to enhance customer service.

For this project, Skynet Solutions was responsible for modernizing their website design and transferring it to WordPress to improve its aesthetic qualities and overall functionality. During this website redesign, Skynet Solutions refined both the existing content and new content for pages to reflect updated service options. To further meet the needs of Midwest Logistics, Skynet Solutions enhanced the website SEO with the implementation of strategic keywords and schema data to make the webpages easily indexed by search engines.

To learn more about Midwest Logistics, we encourage you to visit their new website. As a leading provider of digital marketing services in the Tulsa area, Skynet Solutions proudly partners with Midwest Logistics to provide marketing services for their clients as well as branding and packaging design. If you are ready to get started on establishing your web presence, we look forward to hearing from you and helping determine the best solution to achieve your goals. Let us help you get started and find your place online!

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