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The Importance of Online Reviews for Local Businesses


In recent years, the importance of online reviews for local business have grown substantially. With nearly 90% of all customers saying their purchasing decisions are influenced by online reviews, it is important for local businesses to focus on nurturing this aspect of their online strategy. In time, the importance of online reviews will become even more pressing. Regardless of the products or services your local business provides, there are many reasons why online reviews are important. Online reviews can affect search engine rankings and greatly influence purchase decisions. Follow these steps to help build your local reviews.

Ask for Reviews

Some studies have shown that 70% percent of customers, whether positively impacted or negatively, are willing to write a review for a business if they ask them too. By establishing a relationship with your customer and striving for their satisfaction, you can easily encourage a positive review. Remember the old adage when dealing with online reviews, you never know unless you ask. For Constant Contact subscribers, encouraging positive online reviews has never been easier. With the in-house software we utilize named Link Tracker, you can auto-segment your customers based on their experience and likelihood to leave a positive review. If moved into the positive experience group, you can kindly ask for a review and 70% of the time achieve another positive review.

Keep It Simple

By making the option to leave a review simple, most customers will be more likely to do it. For example, if the customer has to seek out where to leave a review, they likely won’t put the effort in to do so. If you are asking for a review, send them to the closest possible place to leave that review. It is important to not make your possible reviewers fumble around the web to leave you a review. For every page they have to go through to get to the review page, the less likely they are to keep going. Strive to send them directly to the review page to help boost numbers and limit frustration.

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