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Easy Ways to Optimize Blog Posts for SEO


Incorporating a blog into your website is essential for any business owner that wants to remain competitive in search engine rankings. While anyone can likely write a blog post and put it on their website, they may not be getting the level of value they could. If you are ready to make each of your blogs count, here are some easy ways to optimize blog posts for SEO.

Research Keywords

Knowing what keywords you hope to rank for and the best ways to implement them into your blog content is critical to achieve continued success. It is likely that you are already unconsciously adding keywords and keyword phrases that are relevant to your business or the topics you choose to write about. Try using tools like Google Trends or the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to pinpoint relevant keywords you may not have considered.

Leverage Social Media

Once a blog is posted to your website, you may think you are finished and can move on to the next one. But the next steps you take are critical for how your blog is found and the potential reach it receives. To optimize blog posts for SEO, make sure you are posting them to your social media accounts to not only expand their reach but also improve the chances of them being indexed quickly by Google and other search engines.

Focus on Links

If you have created a repository of posted blogs on your website, it is important to ensure they keep being utilized and viewed long after they are posted. One of the easy ways to do this is by internally linking them to relevant text or phrases found in your new blogs. This can get tricky when you have a large collection of blogs to choose from; however, it is important to only do it sparingly so the text is still able to be easily read by your visitors.

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