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Our new Look: Skynet is Rebranding


Say hello to Skynet’s shiny new look! There comes a time every once in a while when you need to shake things up and get with the times. That time has come for Skynet Solutions! We are officially rebranding ourselves as a digital marketing and web development firm. With this change comes a new, neat little logo. The change:

Insight on the reasons for the change: A problem we kept running into while marketing ourselves is trying to convey exactly what we do while using the old logo. We offer so many services that it became difficult to succinctly express our purpose. So we decided to create a logo with variations for our different departments.

We also took the opportunity to switch to a more modern color scheme, getting rid of the cheesy combination of orange and blue. Orange still exists in our branding, but it’s more of an accent color that comes up on occasion, and it isn’t tied to our logo. As for the iconography, the divider between Skynet and Solutions looks sort of like a scroll wheel. This communicates the numerous choices of departments (Design, development, marketing, retail, support) as demonstrated in the animated GIF at the top of this post. Need something pretty? We’ll rotate over to design. Need a functioning website? We’ll switch to development. Get the idea? Pretty cool, huh?

Multi-faceted. That’s how we look at ourselves as a company. Our new look emphasizes this and brings us into the sleek world of modern design. We’re excited to see where this new initiative takes us. We’ve also created a whole new website to match our branding change, and that will be live very soon, so keep an eye out for it at! As a PS, we’ll leave this link to our new youtube channel here. We’ll be posting videos on occasion on the subjects of design, marketing, and web development. We hope you’ll subscribe and check us out!

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