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Photoshop could not save file because write access not granted


Ever run into this problem with OSX? Or how about: “Photoshop could not save file because it is already in use.”?

These items were driving me up the wall lately, and I could not figure out where to point the blame; was it a server permission problem? Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator problem? Or is it OSX?

Of course I don’t want to blame the Apple that is trying to survive in our Windows work environment, so I started by getting super admin permissions to the server. That didn’t fix the problem. Next I searched and searched for some sort of Adobe preference but found nothing. Finally I started searching online to find many other people on several different discussions boards all blaming different items from software to hardware.

There are two iMacs here both running Mountain Lion 10.8.3. The one that I use every day was throwing the ‘access not granted’  line, but it was when I moved over to the other iMac to continue testing that I got the error of ‘file is already in use’. And then it was clear as day. I have been having this random problem since Snow Leopard 10.6, and that is when they introduced a preview function in Finder. AH-HA!

I have a monitor hooked to the iMac that houses 4 Finder windows that continually stay open, and I noticed that the problem would replicate if I were to leave the file highlighted in another finder window.

Preview, Apple’s general image display program was causing all of my problems. I still use Preview as my default image program, but I disabled the Preview option for Finder, and I am happy to report that this issue has been resolved!! It is very easy to disable this option; I will demonstrate:

Open a Finder window, right-click on a root folder, and select the ‘Show View Options’ from the fly out menu

This menu will appear next, and all you need to do is un-check the ‘Show preview column’

This item is turned on by default from Apple, so I am sure many other people would benefit from reading this post.

Source: SkyNet Solutions

By: Clint Smith

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