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Experimental Phrase-Free AdWords Campaigns Serve Local Ads


In an effort to expand locally focused ad optimization, Google AdWords has started to roll out a new experimental campaign option in Google Search and Google Maps that doesn’t use keywords and instead uses location services. While there is currently no way to request access to this program, it was initially unlocked for some small business advertisers in late February. Although still in early-development, phrase-free AdWords campaigns may provide effective local ads in the future.

Currently, small business advertisers must use location extensions to show their ads on Google Maps or in local Google Search results. With these extensions, Google has the ability to serve ads with their associated keywords in either local packs or Google Maps results. Unfortunately, using location extensions will automatically require your ads to be displayed as Maps ads. Unlike this experimental program, the use of location extensions still requires keywords.

With the development of Phrase-Free AdWords Campaigns, there is hope that location extensions will no longer be needed when implementing local only ads through Google. This will, in theory, also effectively remove the limitations that are required when using them. However, the lack of control in determining who sees the ads based on keywords has caused some concern among small business advertisers.

While there is a chance that Phrase-Free AdWords Campaigns will never leave experimental status, it is an important step in allowing AdWords to better rank local search results in the future and determine the best way to serve ads without the use of keywords. In the meantime, it is important for small businesses to partner with a capable and experience Google AdWords manager to ensure their campaigns aren’t wasted.

Skynet Solutions takes pride in providing effective Google AdWords marketing services for businesses of all sizes. As a Tulsa advertising firm, we can help develop and implement the best possible online ads to meet your marketing goals, then monitor and tweak them if necessary for the most impact. If you are interested in seeing how we can help benefit your business, we would love to talk to you.

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