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Exploiting Publishing Calendars for Social Media


In the journalism industry, editorial calendars are used to control the scheduled release of information and content. If the content is released too late, it will no longer be relevant to audiences that it is intended to reach. With the transition from print media to online formats, many journalistic outlets are still using editorial calendars for new stories, however, with the rise of social media, these calendars have begun to include social media as well.

For businesses that aren’t journalistic outlets but have social media profiles, creating an editorial calendar can help organize content while keeping it consistent and relevant. Publishing calendars can help the great writers employed at a business keep on task while keeping in step with the objectives of the business. If the business has a group of writers that specialize in different topics, a publishing calendar can help divvy up content that matches the strength of a given writer. The amount of content that is included in the calendar is at the discretion of the business, but it is important to not give the writers more content to write than is manageable.

One of the best reasons for creating a publishing calendar for social media is that it creates a record of when the content was posted and what that content was. This can be helpful for determining future analytics to see what content worked the best and received the most engagement. By having this data handy, successful social media implementation will be a breeze. The downside is analytics take time to gather and during that time some good and bad times may come. Just remember it’s all part of the process!

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