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Reveal Salon Gets a New Look


Since it’s formation in 2012, Reveal Salon has been the home of a group of experienced professionals that all shared the common goal of making a client feel relaxed while also ensuring they leave looking and feeling their absolute best. With a full range of services including skin care, nails, hair services and lash extensions, Reveal Salon has one of the most robust service menus available in the Tulsa area. Whether a client wants a totally new look or wants an update to their current style, the professionals at Reveal Salon are ready to help.

Reveal Salon owner Nicole McGinnis had previously worked with Skynet Solutions in the past to create a customized website exclusively for the skincare services she provided. This previous experience made it easy for the team at Skynet Solutions to help define the requirements needed to redesign the salon website. The goal of Skynet Solutions was to give Reveal Salon’s new website the same great user experience that the previous website was able to provide with the modern updates needed for success online.

For this project, Skynet Solutions worked with the owner of Reveal Salon to help determine the design goals and overall functionality needed to complete the website. To make adding new functionality and security updates easier, Skynet Solutions re-designed the website on WordPress to take advantage of the multitude of plugins available to meet the goals of Reveal Salon. Throughout the process, our design and marketing teams worked closely with the client to implement their submitted content as strategically and SEO-friendly as possible.

To learn more about Reveal Salon, we encourage you to visit their new website. As an advocate for local businesses, Skynet Solutions is excited to continue to work with Reveal Salon for any further marketing help or website maintenance that may be required. If you are ready to refresh your website design, the team at Skynet Solutions is here to help. Let us help you create the perfect design to not only meet your branding but also ensure you are finding success online.

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