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Promoting a Blog with RSS Feeds


An RSS feed, or Really Simple Syndication feed, is a web-based news feed to ensure website subscribers are able to find new information as soon as possible. Typically, once an individual user has subscribed any new information added to the blog will be presented to the RSS feed subscriber. Depending on the RSS feed used, full text may be shown or just a summary.

RSS Autodiscovery

RSS autodiscovery is precisely what it sounds like. When this feature is added to the coding of an RSS feed, aggregators and browsers will be able to find content from the RSS feed and distribute it accordingly. Focusing on keywords and keeping content original will further enhance the visibility of your RSS feed.

FeedBurner Promotion

Launched in 2004, FeedBurner is a powerful feed management tool currently owned by Google. This unique tool gives a webmaster traffic analytics and access to an optional advertising system. Perhaps the most valuable service, FeedBurner allows users to track feed subscriptions.

Flipboard Integration

Cellphone users are undoubtedly familiar with the functionality of Flipboard as a news delivery service. When a user adds a complete RSS URL into the search functionality through the service, it will automatically be added to the Flipboard database. This can also be done through services such as

Utilize RSS Directories

RSS directories function as a repository for RSS feeds. With nearly 400 directories and RSS search engines available, there are many opportunities to get your blog in front of potential customers or readers to further your reach. Many sites have compiled the available directories into an easily navigated directory.

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