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SEO-Ready Content Writing Tips for Beginners


The rules for writing content for SEO have changed drastically in the past 5 years as cheap tricks and keyword stuffing have started to become penalized by search engines. While it is important to continue to focus on pleasing search engine crawlers that index your page, providing reader-centered content has become an absolute must. Follow these SEO-ready content writing tips for beginners to improve your search engine ranking and encourage engagement among your website visitors.

Grab Their Attention

Have you ever heard a song on the radio on to have the chorus stuck in your head for the rest of the day? This portion of the song, called the “hook”, is meant to create a lasting impression that remains memorable long after the song has been heard; however, this technique can be utilized in SEO-ready content writing as well. Try adding a quote or attention-grabbing headline when writing your content to hook your readers and encourage sharing or continued reading of your other content.

Write Then Rework

Instead of limiting yourself to try and include keywords or keyword phrases from the start, it can be beneficial to write out engaging and interesting content and then work your keywords in after. Not only does this provide more natural writing, it allows you to make your content more personable and relatable to your readers. Try to rework your content to incorporate the keywords and keyword phrases that you want to rank for in a way that doesn’t seem forced until you are happy with the finished content.

Utilize Internal Links

While the time visitors spend on your page is an important metric for search engine ranking, it is important to funnel them to different pages on your website as well. To do this, try to focus on SEO-ready content writing that is strengthened by existing content found on your website. For instance, if you were writing a blog about the different types of ants found in a given region and how to eliminate them, try to reinforce that information with previously written blogs or web pages found on your website through internal links.

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