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Should Small Businesses Do Marketing?


As a small business, you likely won’t have the same needs as a multimillion dollar company. However, if you ever want to get there, there’s a good chance you will have to start investing in marketing. And, while marketing may seem like something only nationally or globally known businesses may do, there are many steps small business owners can take to expand their reach locally and promote their products or services to local audiences. In this article, we will answer the question “Should small businesses do marketing?” and give you some tips to help you get started.

Why Is Marketing Important?

While you may think your small business has the best products and services available, no one else will unless they are exposed to it. This is what makes marketing so powerful. Through marketing, you have the ability to not only define the audiences that are looking for businesses just like yours but also encourage them to try your products or services. This leads to more revenue for your business while also creating a loyal customer base that will continue to trust you in the future.

Marketing can be targeted to meet varying levels from local all the way to global. For this reason, it is important to create a marketing plan that focuses on your unique goals. For instance, you wouldn’t want to boost a Facebook post that is seen by people in another country if you only have a local storefront. Different marketing approaches can help you determine what is best for your needs.

How Can Small Businesses Start Marketing?

While there are many different marketing opportunities available for small businesses, they may not be the right fit for your business. While you could work with a marketing firm to determine the exact requirements needed to promote your business, there are a few general steps that will have an immediate impact. They are:

  • Incorporating Social Media – For better or worse, it’s hard to downplay the importance that social media has taken in day-to-day life. For this reason, it is equally important for your business to have an established presence wherever your customers may be.
  • Utilizing Email Marketing – Email marketing is known as one of the most effective and affordable forms of marketing available. By gathering email addresses from your loyal customers, you have the ability to notify them of new services or products as soon as they are available.
  • Getting On the Maps – Google Maps provide a wealth of traffic for small business owners because they provide targeted, local results. Visit the GYBO website to claim your listing and start reaping the results of this FREE service.

Still Need Assistance with Marketing?

You can always get in touch with the experts at Skynet Solutions for help with your online business listing, website development, social media marketing or anything else you need to help make your business succeed. With our diverse range of skills and experience, we are sure to have the tools you need to make 2018 your business’ best year yet. You can fill out our contact form to get started today. You can also connect with us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and LinkedIn!

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