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Skynet Solutions Helps Launch Local Business


There is nothing the Skynet Solutions team loves more than the opportunity to help a small, local business launch itself and hit the ground running. We recently had the opportunity to do this with Tulsa-area roofing service Midwest Roofing. As the Midwest Roofing team prepared to launch a successful roofing business, they wanted to launch a successful website along with it to make sure potential customers could find them quickly and easily online. More than half of all mobile searches are conducted in hopes of finding local results. The majority of those searchers are seeking information about business hours, directions and addresses, so it’s extremely important to make all that information easily accessible on your website. So, Midwest Roofing came to the Skynet Solutions team to help them get started with this crucial part of launching their business. As part of the launch, we created their website, the logo you see on their website and other materials as well as business cards. As we’ve said in previous blogs, jobs like these are the bread and butter of our design team. Our talented designers have years of website and logo design behind them and it definitely showed through on this project! We consider this to be one of our best looking one-page sites. Since Midwest Roofing was a new business, our designers knew the visual identity designs would be key to getting the business up and running and to creating the building blocks of company branding that would be used for years to come. Everything was carefully chosen, from the font to the background colors. The design team used different shades of blue to help visually associate the business with the construction industry in the customer’s mind. It reminds the customer of blueprints, blue construction tarps and other terms or materials commonly associated with the construction industry. The font and text colors are attractive but not distracting; you don’t want to lose potential customers because you got too fancy with your fonts and they couldn’t read anything. We wanted to ensure that this website was functional and would meet all the needs of the company. But even more than that, we wanted to ensure that this website would be easy for their customers to use and be the first step in a positive experience between the customer and Midwest Roofing. The whole Skynet Solutions team worked together to produce a great website with content and graphics that would reflect a new and exciting local business. Our development team worked hard to ensure that the technical aspects of the website make it easy to use for everyone involved, company and customer. One important aspect of this is making sure the site is mobile-friendly. Well over 60 percent of businesses have created a mobile site or have optimized their existing site for mobile. Google says that more searches now happen on mobile devices than desktops or laptops and almost 30 percent of consumers say they will leave a site immediately if it is not mobile-optimized. That a lot of potential business you could be losing if your site doesn’t work on mobile. Make sure to check out all the hard work our designers and developers put into the Midwest Roofing website! And if you have an important job that calls for an expert team, contact Skynet Solutions. You can find our contact information on our website or you can find us on Facebook , Twitter and Google+.

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