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Skynet Solutions Helps Muscle Research Rebrand


Recently, one of our largest and longest-term clients came to us and said they wanted to rebrand. Even though this was a big, somewhat daunting task, the entire Skynet Solutions team was excited to meet it head-on. We rallied together to brainstorm new, creative and innovative ideas and were able to present our client, Muscle Research, with new logo and website designs that they loved. Our design team excels at website and logo design and, having worked so closely with Muscle Research for so long, were able to do a great job of incorporating the company’s personality into the logo and throughout the website. The Skynet Solutions design team started by tossing out the old, outdated logo and crafting a new one with a more modern and flat look, which you can see on the Muscle Research website, social media networks and other marketing materials. The new logo is much trendier and sleeker than the old one, but still has the hardcore look Muscle Research customers know so well. Our design team carefully selected the logo typography to retain that hardcore feel, while also including the lighter, more modern elements Muscle Research wanted in their new logo. While the website changes are still underway, they are also going to be reflective of the lighter, modern shift seen in the logo. The color palette will be significantly brightened up—much less black and dark grey—while, like the logo, still retaining that hardcore feel that Muscle Research customers know and love so much. As part of the company rebranding, we also created new labels for Muscle Research products to match the redesigned logo and website. These labels, which will have more white space to reflect the sleeker, flatter look of the new Muscle Research, will be available soon. Once again, we called on our highly skilled development team to ensure all the technical aspects of the website were state-of-the-art and fully optimized for mobile. This is especially important for a company like Muscle Research, which does virtually all of its interaction with customers online. As e-commerce becomes a bigger sector of the economy—particularly mobile e-commerce—it is essential that the online shopping experience is made easy and enjoyable for consumers. Because of this, they need the best possible back-end so that every interaction between Muscle Research and their customers is quick and hassle-free for both parties. At Skynet Solutions, we want to make sure that everything we design and develop works not just for our customers, but for our customers’ customers, too. Make sure you check out all the hard work our designers and developers have put into the Muscle Research website! And if you have an important job that calls for an expert team, contact Skynet Solutions. You can find our contact information on our website, or you can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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